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The creation of a golf course involves the study and assessment of many varied and complex issues. As the Golf Course Architect, it is our job to review these issues and the characteristics of the site and then design a unique and individual golf course that utilises all the best attributes of the site whilst alleviating any potential problems.

At golfmarnoch we follow a simple and concise process when developing the course. This is as follows:

  • Following your initial contact we will discuss your project with you in as much detail as possible. The more detailed information we can discuss at this stage the better, as we can then provide you with a more accurate idea of the design and construction plan and whether the project is viable.
  • An early site visit and a meeting with the client enables us to understand the nature, characteristics and potential of the site and also to obtain as much information as the client may have for example, the site history can be very useful, previous land use, existing drainage, locations of any problem areas and especially recent aerial photographs. An indication of the development budget is also useful. With our experience we can ascertain the suitability of a site fairly quickly and begin to develop ideas for the style of course to be created.
  • We will follow up these initial discussions with a proposal detailing the service we can offer that specifically meet the needs of the site, and the budget. If our proposal is accepted we would move on to a formal agreement which outlines exactly the role of each party, our terms and conditions, payment dates and full responsibilities throughout the development.
  • Several options for the golf course routing plans are created after the detailed investigation of the site. The preliminary routing plans are constantly prepared and adjusted whilst collating other detailed site information.
  • Detailing of the project can commence and all documents required for the construction of the course can be prepared once the routing plan is finalised. Regular meetings are held to co-ordinate the other consultants to ensure proper execution when the construction process begins. Click here to view a sample plan
  • When the golf course construction documents are finished, they are issued to construction companies for competitive bids or, alternatively, the documents are issued to one contractor for negotiated prices.
  • The course may then be built using the skills of a project manager under our control or we can assist by identifying suitable contractors or managers. We will also advise in reviewing the completed tenders and in contract negotiations.
  • When we reach the golf construction stage we would make a series of regular trips to ensure the plans and specifications are followed and to make any onsite amendments during this time. The schedule of visits would be clearly identified within our contract and these visits would be in addition to those made during the design period. The course construction period can of course vary but usually takes between six and twelve months dependant upon the scale of the project.
  • To ensure the finished course is as we originally conceived and during the growing-in period, (the period of time from seeding or grassing the course to the time that the course can be played), we like to include visits and advice to guide the green staff (or contractor) on matters of course preparation and presentation. Generally, and dependant upon conditions and location, there can be a six to eighteen month period from the completion of construction to the course being ready to open.
  • We would also advise the client on the most suitable opening time and would happily be on hand to advise on final presentation of the course for any important opening tournament or press day.

At golfmarnoch we can support our clients from the conception to the opening of your unique and individual golf course.

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