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When a golf course is developed it has to be right first time. The investment is significant and once established the golf course is very difficult and expensive to amend. I follow a thorough design procedure, all the important aspects affecting the design and construction of the golf course are fully researched. Ensuring nothing is overlooked and avoiding problem issues coming to light during construction or even afterwards when rectification will be costly and difficult.

Practicality should always be a consideration, a golf course should be designed to fit into its environment and maintenance should be manageable and practical without huge expense having to be incurred. As a qualified landscape architect, I have an appreciation for the landscape and environment within which the golf course sits and always take this into consideration during the design process.

I believe it is important to create a golf course which is both enjoyable and challenging to the widest range of player. As the son of a Head Greenkeeper who played to a former handicap of one, whilst I play to a more modest standard - a handicap of around 13, I understand what it is like to play golf very well but also what it feels like to be a beginner.

I often draw on my studied knowledge of the history of course architecture, the various important architects as well as my golf course design skills when planning a golf course. Giving it, I believe, a more longstanding design quality whether that be contemporary or traditional.

Relationships are a vital part of building a golf course, in particular with the construction teams. My years of course construction management experience have given me an understanding of the programming for construction works and an appreciation of the contractor needs, his concerns and his priorities. All of which are vital in enabling a course to be constructed efficiently and effectively.

My design concepts and approach are flexible; I believe the site should play a huge part in dictating the characteristics of the course. I want to work with my client and as an architect I wish to explore all the options and opportunities.

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